Integrated Sensing and communications for future vehicuLAr systems - a Network of Doctoral Students

Technical Approach

Project Timeline

The execution and implementation of ISLANDS is organized in three macro phases.

Phase-1 (M1-M6): This phase focuses on all activities to get ISLANDS up and running before DCs’ recruitment.

Phase-2 (M7-M42): DCs recruitment is finalized. Research & training activities start. All training, dissemination, public engagement, and any other activities that foresee DCs’ contribution based on their PCDP are executed (e.g., submitting deliverables).

Phase-3 (M43-M48): At M43, DCs’ contracts with the beneficiaries have ended. The beneficiaries will prepare all final reports and all financial statements to be submitted to the EC by M48.

Work Package (WP) List description:

The research objectives of ISLANDS will be achieved in WP1, which carries out the research challenges listed below. The project also has WP2, WP3, WP4, for training, management, and dissemination/outreach.

WP No.WP TitleLead Beneficiary No. Start Month End month Activity TypeLead Beneficiary Short Name Researcher involvement
1Theoretical and Applied Research7M7M42RTDACG-RCALL
4Dissemination, Standardization, Outreach6M1M48DISBOSCHALL