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The American College of Greece Research Center

The American College of Greece Research Center

The American College of Greece Research Center (ACG-RC), is a not-for-profit legal entity, established in Greece and operating as a Research and Innovation Center, whose purpose is to perform research and explore innovation opportunities spanning a broad range of scientific areas: natural, social, and computational sciences, technology, education and communications, as well as the liberal and fine arts. ACG-RC fosters a diverse range of research, learning and innovation-oriented activities, hosts researchers and scholars from different countries and backgrounds, participates in collaborative projects — such as research grants funded by various entities — and collaborates with an array of partners from the academic, research, industrial, non-governmental and other domains.

ACG-RC hosts funded research activities (such as European Commission-funded projects) involving the faculty members of the educational divisions of The American College of Greece (ACG), as well as the members and fellows of ACG’s Institutes, Centers of Excellence and other units. The American College of Greece (ACG) is the oldest and largest US accredited college or university in Europe. For almost 150 years, it has been offering transformative education and cultivating a fertile intellectual and cultural collaboration between Greece and the United States. ACG partners with over 87 universities and 2 affiliate study abroad providers (AIFS and ISA) in the US, Europe and Asia offering study abroad and individually tailored student programs. It offers more than 40 undergraduate and graduate degree programs (230 certificate minors) and education to more than 5.000 undergraduate and graduate students (including international students from 63 countries and regions). The ACG alumni community accounts for over 62.000 members worldwide.

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