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Wave Up

Wave Up

Wave Up is a company based in Siena, Italy, born in 2012 as a spin-off of the University of Siena. Since its inception, Wave Up has been developing innovative electromagnetic custom solutions based on the latest Key Enabling Technologies, with major applications in the fields of Telecommunications, Defense and Space. Taking advantage of the strong background of its members, Wave Up can provide highly qualified solutions on a wide range of electromagnetic problems. The close working relationship with both European and national space agencies, as well as industries and large integrators, exposing Wave Up to cutting-edge technologies, has become the vehicle for technological innovation, and has provided a springboard permitting Wave Up to pursue its innovative ideas and to develop ad hoc analyses and design tools allowing for their effective implementation. Wave Up is one of the main actors in the development of planar antennas based on Metasurface technology. These antennas are based on the design of proper impedance boundary conditions, which are normally realized by printing electrically small patches on a grounded dielectric slab. The key features making these antennas very appealing for a large number of applications are the low profile and reduced weight, the great flexibility in polarization and beam shape control, the low power losses, the simple low-cost manufacturing. In recent years, the Company has been heavily focused on developing a new generation of low-profile beam-scanning antennas with reduced power consumption and increased efficiency that can be customized for each scenario.

Wave Up main activities are:

  • design of high-performance, low-profile antennas
  • development of millimiter microwave circuits
  • consultancy and feasibility studies for technolgically advanced products
  • antenna measurements

Key persons